Monday, June 2, 2008


Yeah, I missed last night's post.

So, two things, re: MGS4 - the first being that IGN has reviewed the game despite Konami's insistence that they not publish a long list of unspecified information. EGM, on the other hand, has refused to review the game because of those restrictions.

Kudos to EGM, whose reviews continue to actually have value, and boo to IGN, whose entire catalog of reviews instantly became utterly worthless. They continually show themselves to be unable to grasp even the simplest concepts of basic journalism.

The second bit is this - there's some rumor swirling around about MGS4's plot, and though I've only played through MGS, MGS2 and part of MGS3 (that game was completely broken, from a gameplay perspective, IMO), and am REALLY unlikely to play through MGS4 any time soon, I wanted to give speculating on what Kojima's undoubtedly ludicrous plot would be.

Basically, I think the entire game is Snake dying as a result of the virus that was injected into his system way back (MGS1?). The player's basically playing his last few moments, as his brain tries to sort out the meaning of his life, and at the end, all of the action the player took was essentially a metaphor for his entire life. Or rather, "It was all just a dream." I know, sounds stupid. But it sort of fits into the whole VR-as-reality schtick of MGS2, and the whole "Oh shit, the past!" schtick of MGS3.

So, you're not *really* old Snake, and that's why Snake is old but no one else is. The current explanation is that since Snake is a clone, he ages really fast - and maybe that's the actual case as well - but I think it's more about the fact that Snake is thinking about the fact that he's hit the end of the road, and he can't imagine the other characters as old/decrepit as he is, which is why they're represented at their current (younger) age. The physical appearance of the character indicating more of a mental/emotional state rather than the physical *reality* of the situation would, IMO, be an interesting use of current-gen technology, fooling the player on a really fundamental level.

I dunno whether it'll happen in MGS4, but if I had to guess, I'd hope it was something that interesting.


hapacheese said...

It's sad, really, that I am *so* tempted to buy and play this game just to see if it really is as good as people say. Logic would reason that it's not, since they said the same things about MGS2 and that was a storytelling nightmare, but I'm compelled, nonetheless.

B.Manhard said...

Reading your short summary of the previous game stories gave me a headache. Seriously, what a mess.