Thursday, July 17, 2008

Blog Moving

This blog's going to be moving in the relatively near future. will become the home of Helava Systems, my dad's new company, and the game blog will probably move to, or something on blogspot.


John DeSavage said...

Cybersquatting finally paid off for you, huh?

E said...

I've got earmarked for when he makes headlines. Then I'll sell it off for OVER NINE THOUSAND dollars!

Fun fact: My CAPTCHA word of the day is "togaxdao" - which when translated from its original greek means "Wear your toga to work" day.

Seppo said...

Blog moved: New destination -

s said... should front page this.

aoc gold said...


In April,

Come he will,

In May,

Sing all day,

In June,

Change his tune,

In July,

Prepare to fly,

In August,

Go he must!
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